ATLANTA -- She's best known for her Saturday Night Live acts and the recent Ghostbusters reboot but comedian Leslie Jones said those accolades didn't get her very far when she wanted a meal at a local restaurant.

Jones took to Twitter to complain about the service she received at Atlanta Fish Market.

In her first post, Jones responded that it was the "worse service I've EVER gotten" and proceeded to critique the manager's handling of the situation.

"Then instead of the manager coming to make it better, he came and gave me the worse attitude EVER!" she wrote.

Atlanta Fish Market responded a couple of hours later asking her to provide them with more details about the negative experience, but Jones directed them back to the restaurant manager that night.

"Ask your snobby manager who thought it was just black people trying to get out of paying instead of it being bad service and terrible food," she said.

Many of the responses to Jones's post have been supportive of her but others have come out in defense of the restaurant.

Even so, it's a rare blow to the image of the local restaurant that in recent years has been named among the top 100 independent restaurants in the country by Restaurant Business Magazine.

But it's also not the first time an Atlanta restaurant has taken flack for the way it treats customers. In 2017, Houston's faced a boycott for how it treated African-American diners when Actress Ernestine Johnson said she was denied service.

Atlanta Fish Market is owned by BuckheadLife Restaurant group which has nine restaurants in Atlanta and a few more in Florida.