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12-year-old boy writes his own children's book, runs two of his own businesses

The straight-A student with a fast foot and earnest ear has earned respect at the Georgia Elite Sports Academy.

MCDONOUGH, Ga. — Most pre-teens spend their time on Xbox or hanging out with friends, but a Henry County boy runs his own businesses while getting straight As and hitting the field as a multi-sport athlete.

The Luella Middle School student's latest accomplishment is penning a children's book hitting the shelves next month. 

Demetrius Purvis II, a star wide receiver and quarterback, showed his gift early on. 

“I got five touchdowns in a game when I was five years old," Purvis II said.

With a fast foot and an earnest ear, Purvis has earned respect at the Georgia Elite Sports Academy. 

“He's a total player, a great teammate," football coach Eddie Grant said. "He’s very focused, laser focused, very humble, but a student of the game. He wants to always be better.”

Purvis does 200 push-ups a day to stay in shape for football. He's also making money as an entrepreneur with his own clothing line and air fresheners. 

“People older than me have their own business, and I'm only 12 having my own business," he told 11Alive. 

Purvis' latest venture started during the pandemic. It's a book titled "All Through the Game," meant to be sung to the same tune as the song "Wheels on the Bus."

“He actually started at age 9, two years ago. I would see him draw football men. He would draw helmets and the football itself," Purvis' mom, Calnetra, said.

The young author and businessman just turned 12 this month and has a clear plan for his future. 

“When I grow up, I want to be an NFL player and have a business," he told 11Alive. 

The book comes out on Oct. 4. You can buy it at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Mascot Books


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