ATLANTA — An Atlanta woman had a profound message for the fathers in Atlanta living without a home: they are not forgotten. 

Nonnie Hawkins was in Woodruff Park, on Sunday - Father's Day - where she organized a giveaway of 25 new pairs of shoes, 35 T-shirts and more than a dozen gift cards so that they could have a meal to eat. 

"So we came down to bless the men with new shoes, new t-shirts and gift cards so they could have lunch and dinner," Hawkins explained. 

The whole purpose, she said, was to let them know they were loved and not forgotten.

"No matter where they are in life, even if no one else says anything to them, God loves them god sees them and has not forgotten them, and somebody does care," she said. 

father's day giveaway

Hawkins said she felt inspired by God to give back, something that she said she felt compelled to do, despite violence that touched her in the past. She said her own daughter was killed by a homeless teen she was trying to help, but Hawkins said she felt God wanted her to hear a deeper message: 

"We have to remember people are people, and one person does not determine everyone, and it's always an opportunity to give back and show love," Hawkins said. 

Nonnie Hawkins

She went on to say that everyone has the power to live with love and help someone in need. 

"I think we all need to do is reach out a hand with love when someone is down because the grace of God is within us," she said.