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McDonald's employees, who helped deliver newborn in bathroom, host baby shower for 'Little Nugget'

11Alive was the only station to bring you the story of the baby girl, who's been nicknamed "Little Nugget," as the story goes viral worldwide.

ATLANTA — A Fulton County McDonald's hosted a baby shower Wednesday for a little girl born inside its bathroom one week ago.

11Alive was the only station to bring you the story of the baby girl, who's been nicknamed "Little Nugget," as the story goes viral worldwide.

Three McDonald's employees, Tunisia Woodward, Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray, quickly sprung into action.

"There's screaming, she's busting out a sweat, she's in labor... 'We're about to have a baby,'" Kaigler recalled. "I was really hoping the ambulance would get here before the baby. I'm not a doctor, I'm a mom. I gave birth but being on the other end, it's something completely different."

The reunion under the golden arches took place Wednesday, exactly one week after the 7-pound 9-ounce nugget was born. 

While her name on the birth certificate reads Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips, the McDonald's family will always refer to her as Little Nugget.

"This is a moment I’ll never forget," Blue-Murray added. "I’m just excited to see the baby. I’m ready to see Nandi or Little Nugget. I want to see their face. I’m just ready for the reaction."

Credit: Deandre Phillips
Nandi Ariyah Morémi Phillips

Alandria Worthy walked into the area where she had given birth days ago.

"Oh my goodness, oh my goodness," she exclaimed – while looking at all the decorations.

Her fiancé, Deandre Phillips, who also helped deliver Nandi, walked in right behind her while carrying the newborn.

"Can you say good morning to the woman who helped you get here, girl?" Worthy spoke to her baby girl. 

"Hello, nugget," McDonald's Acting General Manager Woodward exclaimed. "Welcome baby nugget. This is our McDonald's team."

The three McDonald's workers are all mothers and cooked up the baby shower for the nugget, they helped deliver.

They set up balloons, cakes, and gifts just outside the bathroom that served as Worthy's delivery room.

"Ms. Tunisia did the decorations, we all pitched in, in some kind of way," Kaigler said. "This is wonderful. It's something we'll never forget."

It was the perfect recipe to reminisce.

"I ran out to go get towels and ice for her," Blue-Murray said. "I was looking for the ambulance, the ambulance was taking a long time. I took my jacket off, put it down for her and was like, 'Y'all the ambulance is nowhere out there, so we’re going to go.' I’ve had three natural births. She was ready."

Credit: WXIA

“As soon as I came in the bathroom, it was like a water balloon popped," Worthy said. "I didn’t imagine having her at all in a bathroom, in a restaurant, or any place of that nature but a hospital.” 

Worthy said that since their families live out of town, this is the first baby shower they've had for Nandi.

The three McDonald's moms worked together to make the baby shower happen, just like they worked together that day.

McDonald's gave each of them $250 gift cards after the delivery.

Woodward used every cent for the celebration, and on Wednesday, owner and operator Steve Akinboro, announced they are giving the money right back to her.

“There’s no amount of training in the world that could prepare them in the world. And in McDonald's, we say 'ready on arrival.' They were absolutely ready on arrival when they got here," Akinboro said.

Akinboro said he found out through a text message.

"It was very exciting, I had to stop for a minute and take it in," he said. "Even 'til this moment I still go through each day thinking, 'Did that really happen?'"

Now, the baby girl has an extended family for life.

“We definitely look forward to seeing her grow. I make the joke that she can eat free here for the rest of her life," Kaigler said – while laughing out loud.

Credit: Provided.

Woodward said she's got the happiest meal you cannot find on any menu.

“I just want to take her home with me! Those cheeks, the smile, she’s just so adorable," she said. "She’s going to be my little, little, nugget for real, for real. She’s stuck with me.” 

Woodward said she’s already looking forward to planning Little Nugget’s first birthday.

She said the newborn also inspired her to fulfill her dream of going to culinary school.

"She's so adorable," Woodward added. "I'm probably going to get on the mom's nerves because I'm going to be calling, checking on her all the time."

The fast food chain is encouraging people to let them know of any employees going above and beyond like these three women. It's part of their Thank You Crew initiative

The program launched earlier this year as a way for customers or fellow employees to recognize outstanding McDonald’s crew members and managers, who are going above and beyond. 

You can read more about how they're celebrating them in ways big and small all across the country here.

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