ELLENWOOD, Ga. – One couple found something that’s not common in the racks of Goodwill: love.

For avid thrift shoppers, Goodwill can simply become part of the weekly routine.

Angela Everett loves a deal and, last March, she was focused on finding her next bargain at the Ellenwood, Georgia store. But she quickly noticed the man nearby.

“And I thought, this guy was either working here or either or stalking me – one of the two,” she said laughing.

“I noticed Angela when she walked in the door and she came by, so I said interesting,” James Jones said. “I did what most men do: I made myself noticed.”

James was waiting for his moment to speak up – in the linen aisle.

“He finally asked me my name and I told him,” Angela said. “He acted like he was interested and then I went down a list of like 20 questions.”

James remembered a few.

“All these questions: Do I have kids? Am I married? Am I this? Am I that?” he recounted. “And I’m like no, no, no, no, no. Everything was a no so she wrote the number down.”

James called her that night to make sure the number worked and they went on their first date a short time later. After many more dates, in late 2017, James brought Angela back to the Ellenwood Goodwill.

“I’m off the chain, I’m that spontaneous kind of person,” James said. “I said, I know how to get her. If I take her to dinner she might think something is up.”

So, in the exact spot where they first met, James got down on one knee and, of course, Angela said yes.

Now, as they plan their wedding, they keep coming back to Goodwill where they have already bought many of their wedding decorations and items.

And Angela even found her dress there – which she will finally show off during a simple backyard wedding in May. Until then, they have advice for all the single thrift shoppers out there.

“Just keep an open mind, you never know where you might meet the one,” Angela said.

Her soon-to-be husband agreed.

“That is right, you never know,” James said. “Who thought the Goodwill?”