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A boy with brain cancer wants to be a police officer. Clayton County Police made it happen.

8-year-old Juvell spent Wednesday with the Clayton County Police Department.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Juvell Harris, an 8-year-old boy with brain cancer in hospice care, has only one wish: to become a police officer.

On Wednesday, Clayton County Police helped make it happen.

Juvell spent the day with the Clayton County Police Department, fulfilling his greatest wish. 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross was there as officers lined up to introduce Juvell, and Chief Kevin Roberts presented him with a badge, shades, gave him a radio and cuffs, even let him try out sitting on a police motorcycle - all the trappings of a real officer.

The newly-christened Officer Harris, one of 11 siblings, is currently a patient with Southern Grace Hospice and is battling brain cancer, the organization said.

He even got to do some police work - Officer Michael Lowe took him out on a case to find a missing bicycle.

And he met with Lt. Tim Lively, a retired Clayton County officer who is also fighting brain cancer himself, and who presented him with a special shirt.

"Us warriors, we stick together. And I'll tell you one thing, you're one tough little dude," Lively told Juvell. "Me and you, we fight together. Tell them you're a warrior."

Juvell did just that, shouting: "I'm a warrior!"

His pediatric hospice nurse,  Heather Coates, had called her friend Lowe to set things up for Juvell when he told her he wanted to be a cop.

"You do this job, and they're not just your patients, they're your family," she said. "He is full of life. Although he has a life-limiting illness, he has a lot of life left and to see him live his life today, it's truly amazing."

With the support of his new friends and coworkers, Officer Harris lives to serve another day at the police department.


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