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A metro Atlanta church is paying off millions in medical debt

More than 2,000 unsuspecting residents will benefit.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A metro Atlanta church is paying off more than $2 million in medical debt - and those impacted don't even know it yet.

Cross Church Atlanta based in Cumming said it's working with a third-party company, RIP Medical Debt to help people struggling with medical debt.

The church was able to purchase $2.6 million worth of debt for just pennies on the dollar - meaning this cost the church approximately $15,000. The church had no idea who the recipients would be, but they were able to choose the area where the relief would go. So they chose Fulton and Forsyth counties.

For each person or household, it's the equivalent of having $10,000 worth of debt wiped completely clean.

"Medical debt can be so crippling for so many people. With this help, an individual may be able to put down a down payment for a house or something else their family needs," said Lead Pastor Josh Mayo.

He says the idea came from one of its members. The 2,486 people who are getting their debt paid off don't even know about it yet. The "bill paid in full" letters are in the process of being mailed.

"It’s a game-changing moment so we’re kind of hoping that other individuals will hear about this moment and it becomes a catalyst for other churches, nonprofits, business leaders and generous people," Mayo said.

Leaders at Cross Church say they are excitedly waiting for residents to start receiving the debt relief letters and witness this huge burden being lifted.

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