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ER doctor posts breastfeeding picture she hopes will show her daughter 'she comes from strength'

A beautiful photograph of an ER doctor breastfeeding her daughter is going viral during the COVID-19 crisis.

ATLANTA — An emergency room doctor on the front lines of COVID-19 wants to show people the human side of the healthcare professionals working during this crisis. 

She shared a photo online, and it's getting a lot of attention for the message she's attaching to it. 

Dr. Michelle Wan can't kiss her daughter as soon as she walks through the door. 

"Coming home and getting completely disrobed in the garage, which is interesting, then making a mad dash to the shower before I can even greet my husband and my daughter, which is tough," she said

She's working with COVID-19 patients every day in the emergency room and is doing everything she can to keep her baby safe. 

"It's hard to be essential right now when all we want to do is stay home and be with our babies and love on them," she said. 

Her husband, Kyle, has scaled back his work to care for their daughter Amel, while Dr. Wan is in the ER. 

"She's going in to basically ground zero every day. So, we just hope and pray that we all stay healthy," Kyle said.  

"I have had moments of pretty paralyzing fear and anxiety, wondering is this the day I go to work and come home and infect my family," Dr. Wan said. "Or is this the day I go to work and get sick." 

This picture was taken before COVID-19 was a real concern here in Georgia, but Wan said it's taken on even more significance now. She wants her daughter to feel proud when she looks at one day. 

"Where she comes from. She comes from strength. And in her weak moments, I hope that picture will remind her just how strong she is," she said. Dr. Wan said she believes everyone fighting COVID-19 has that strength inside them. 

"I know that we will make it through this stronger, we will make it through this together," she said. 

The picture was taken by Karen Bagley of Significant Moments Photography.  


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