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First responders buy bike for child shot in attack, bring comfort to family grieving mother's loss

After a young mother was shot and killed, the people who first responded to the scene are supporting her family.
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First responders with Jaxson and the letter they sent to his grandmother

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The victims of a domestic violence murder in Clayton County are getting support and healing through the first responders who came to the scene.

Three weeks ago, police said 19-year-old Shyanne Harvey was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who also shot her mother and her 4-year-old son.

Now, the survivors are trying to figure out how to live without her.

Shyanne's mom said they had to leave the house where her daughter was murdered because they couldn't stomach sleeping there after the attack.

And while they've tried to rebuild their lives the past three weeks, she said they're getting support from the people who were there within minutes of the shooting.

Credit: Provided
First responders with Jaxson

"When police said the scene was no longer safe, I shielded your grandson. I was ready to lay my life down without hesitation to protect him," said Stacy Ahmed, reading from a card the first responders from Clayton County Fire Station 6 wrote to her.

She read the words over and over.

"During transport, I treated his wounds and I got to know him. He stayed very calm in my care and drew pictures on the stretcher. I learned he loved Spiderman," medic Stolze wrote.

Three weeks after burying her daughter, she said the first responders who saved her and her grandson invited them to come to the fire station.

Credit: Provided
Jaxson rides a bicycle provided by Clayton County first responders

The medics who took care of her 4-year-old grandson after he was shot pooled their own money together to buy him a bike a fire helmet.

They gave Stacy this card.

"I do feel very alone. I do. So it's nice to get a reminder from someone that says we are here and we love you. And we are thinking about you," she said. 

She said the last three weeks without her daughter have been horrifying, but visiting with the firefighters gave them a distraction from their grief.

"I never got through a day without 50 arguments with that child and 50 I love yous," she said. "And, now, I sit and I talk to her picture on her blanket, and I talk to her ashes."

She said most of their time is spent trying to figure out how to pay for funeral costs and medical bills from the unexpected violence.

"We've been in a hotel for eight days, we simply can't afford it anymore," she said. "It's just now kinda hit me what all we are facing."

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She said they're trying to make a new place feel like home for 4-year-old Jaxson now that his mother is gone.

"How do you ever get over something like this? When does it ever end?" she said.

While she said nothing can bring her daughter - Jaxson's mother - back, these first responders brought their whole family a lot of peace. 

"We wanted to give him gifts as a reminder that you have a family at the fire department. All things in their own time," the card reads. 

A Clayton County Police officer stayed with Shyanne until she could be transported to the hospital. He told her mom he prayed over her and held her hand until the very end.

They set up a GoFundMe to pay for expenses.

Karl Jordan is being held in the Clayton County Jail without bond on a number of charges, including malice murder.

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