GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Firefighters are sometimes called to go above any beyond their duties. That was exactly the case for a group from the Gainesville, Georgia Fire Department. 

The department said it was May 26 - the day before Memorial Day - when firefighters from Station #2 were dispatched to a call in the area. 

As they were leaving, however, they noticed that the yard could "use a bit of sprucing up." That's when they realized that the homeowner was a WWII Veteran, and wasn't able to do the yard work himself. 

So, the group took matters into their own hands, returning to the station to get the necessary tools they needed to get to work. They headed back to the home and not only blew leaves from the yard and driveway, they also cleared limbs and leaves from the roof, trimmed the hedges and edged the driveway.

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The department posted the special shout out to Todd Summer, Jonathan Benton, Noe Guajardo, Brandon Cobb, Danny Nguyen and Ashley Mashburn on Facebook. 

"The Gainesville Fire Department is proud of their outstanding, above and beyond work effort for this veteran," the department wrote in a Facebook post. 

So was the community - the post received an outpouring of kind  words from nearly 4,300 people who praised the firefighter's kinds actions. 

"This brought tears to my eyes. This is so wonderful," wrote Courtney Waters. "So proud of these guys and their kindness. What a blessing."

"I knew that was a great crew!" echoed Marcia Kesler. "Thank you so much for your service and dedication .. and bless you for going over and beyond!"