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After their opponents didn't show, a girls soccer team challenged an unexpected group to a match

The girls soccer team still wanted to play after their opponents forfeited a game. That's when they challenged a group of men on another field to a match.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The Newton U19 Girls Team was excited to play their early morning game on Saturday, but the other team never showed. 

The Warriors were geared up and ready to go, but their opponents forfeited. Although the team was disappointed, they were still ready to play. 

That's when they spotted a group of 40-50 year old men practicing on another field. Not wanting a soccer morning to go to waste, the U19 team challenged the men to a match. 

The guys were good sports and took the team up on the offer. Parents on the sidelines took pictures as the girls gave it their all. 

The photos show a lot of laughter out on the field, but the girls didn't take it easy against their opponents. 

They played their hearts out and beat the men 6-5. 

Even though they lost, the men were good sports about it and the girls had an awesome time.