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Gospel singer Duranice Pace moves Steve Harvey to tears, prepares for Hollywood future

Duranice Pace has received multiple movie offers, guest appearance requests, and is working on an album after her first interview with 11Alive Anchor Shiba Russell. However, she's still waiting for Broadway to call.

Two months ago, 11Alive's Shiba Russell introduced you to viral gospel singer Duranice Pace. Since then, her life hasn't been the same. 

Duranice's infectious laugh, healing voice, and story of survival continues to resonate with millions, including television host Steve Harvey, who shed tears when she appeared on his show in late April.

"I believe the Lord gave me a touch when they fed me rat poisoning in Rochester, New York. And they had to cut out half of my vocal chords. And they said I'd never talk again. But the man upstairs said..." Duranice told Steve as she shook her head.

The interview and her debut solo television performance spread across social media.

"I didn't know if I was going to be alive, but God done kept me alive to see you sir. And I'm just glad to be here. I can go to heaven now," Duranice said.

Conversation with Shiba Russell

"God been good to you Shiba. I missed you so much I’m so glad to see you again," Duranice sang.

The two met again at the world-famous Tree Sound Studios in Norcross, Georgia where Duranice told Shiba that she helped shape her life for the better. 

Shiba wasn't the only one touched by Duranice's spirit. Mali Hunter, CFO/Partner of Tree Sound Studios, was so impressed that she offered Duranice free studio time after seeing her story on Shiba's Instagram page.

"Oh bless you, I done cried and you done brought Christmas in my life," Duranice said to Hunter.

Hunter said that Duranice's story really spoke to her. 

"Something came over me like okay this is somebody who has a testimony and is going to touch a lot of people with her journey...with how long it took to get there," Hunter said. 

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The backstory

Duranice's story on 11Alive received nearly five million views across social media and thousands of heartwarming comments. 

It was this clip that reintroduced her to the world and made her a viral sensation two years ago. In it, Duranice sang the words, "I'll always be thankful" to some of her eight famous siblings on Thanksgiving.

Duranice is the oldest of Atlanta's acclaimed sibling gospel group the "Anointed Pace Sisters." 

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The impact

The post was shared by a myriad of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and R&B group Xscape. Even the hit FX show, "Better Things" used her voice in two of its 2019 episodes.

The 60-year-old cancer survivor told Steve Harvey that she has dreams of making it to Broadway. 

"You think I'm helping you," Steve said emotionally after recounting a story about his late mother. "But you're really helping me." 

Duranice is now getting more calls to sing, speak and perform at churches and requests to star in upcoming films. Her album drops on June 15 and she's still thankful. 

"You helped me take the power and put it on the track with wealth and now I’m prospering," Duranice told Shiba. 

Duranice is living proof that it's never too late to answer your calling and walk in your purpose. 


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