TRENTON, Ga. -- Angie Bone lost her sight in 2014, but that hasn't stopped her from seeing her son's high school basketball games. Her husband, Gary, has been providing play-by-play calls at each game.

Angie lost her sight due to complications from diabetes, but Gary was determined to include Angie in every aspect of their family's activities.

From church to shopping to sports, a lack of sight was not going to keep Angie on the sidelines. She had watched her son, Noah, and his friends since they were toddlers, and their journey was not yet finished.

Gary describes each play with great enthusiasm and detail, and Angie hangs on to every word.

"I saw every game before I lost my sight, and I feel like I've seen every game since. Gary helps me watch the game. He describes everything that is going on, and I just visualize it. In my own way I can really see what the boys are doing," said Angie.

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