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Keeping others a-moo-sed: Woman’s cow displays bring joy during COVID-19

One Atlanta neighborhood is having a “cow” during the coronavirus.

ATLANTA — On a sunny street in the center of Georgia, there’s a display straight from Pun-sylvania.

Tracy Field has long been the second favorite mammal at her Morningside home. First-place belongs to her two cow displays that she’s wrangled up and showcasing in her front yard.

“I milk it for all it’s worth,” she said.

Field said she got her first cow, Priscilla, as a birthday present a few years back.

“And since I have Elvis paraphernalia in the house, I had to name [her] Priscilla,” she said.

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For every major holiday, official or not, Priscilla gets primped. So far, Field’s cows have yet to steer her wrong. They’ve also moo-ved many passersby, along the way.

“I have new neighbors across the street. They told me the reason they brought on the street was they saw the cow and they thought it was fun,” she said.

Last week, as walks have become a respite for confinement amid COVID-19, Field decided Priscilla needed a fresh pun.

A sign hangs over the large cow, who is also sporting a makeshift face mask, saying, “Glad it's not coronavirus.”

“I was worried it was too soon,” Field said.

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“I've been looking out the window to see if people are laughing or not. And there are a lot of people who are stopping by and taking pictures and telling me they really like it or are laughing a lot,” she continued.

While it may be one thing to have a cow, Field asks the world around her, why not have two?

Since Priscilla, she’s added a second baby cow, Lisa Marie, for all of the comedic statements to be seen and "herd."

“This is such a stressful time for everybody right now. So, if it helps a little chuckle, that’s good,” Field said.

Laughs and smiles can sprout from a distance - perhaps keeping others a-moo-sed. For proof, see this center of attention, in the center of Georgia.


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