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Oh deer! Sandy Springs police rescue tangled animal

The officers cheered and clapped when they successfully set the deer free.

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — "There you go. There you go. Now you can breathe."

Those are the soothing words a Sandy Springs officer told a deer while working to rescue it from a net.

The Sandy Springs Police Department posted a video of the life-saving moment captured on body camera footage to social media when two officers rescued a deer by cutting it from an entanglement.

The deer was visibly in distress before police finally got to it, squirming in anguish while trying to get its antlers and snout unraveled from the net's clench. 

The officer pulled out a pair of scissors and first cut the rope off the deer's nose before snipping the line from its antlers to set it free.

"Don't want to cut it toward your hand," one officer told the other.

The dear moaned and groaned, but officers continued to take their time to release it safely. When it finally was set free, it galloped off into the woods, splashing away in a puddle before disappearing. 

The officers cheered and clapped after successfully completing the deer's rescue. 


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