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Sen. Ossoff brings daughter to Senate chambers for vote

Eva Beth was not included in the quorum count, according to transcripts.
Credit: C-SPAN

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Georgia U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff was in the chamber with a special guest perched on his hip Monday.

Video from the Senate chambers shows in a sea of suits and ties, there was a bright-colored bow and onesie. Ossoff decided to bring his nearly 1-year-old daughter Eva Beth to the floor.

As the first order of business, the Senate was working to confirm Maria Del R. Antongiorgi-Jordan of Puerto Rico to be the United States District Judge for the District of Puerto Rico. The Senate didn't have quorum, so the vote on the nomination was pushed later.

Noting quorum was still not reached, the Senate revisited the discussion and Eva Beth made her debut and got a front-row seat to democracy. 

She was greeting senators and waving to her father's colleagues as officials collected votes to limit the debate on the nominee's potential appointment. Roll call confirmed that the infant was not considered part of the quorum count, though Eva Beth's presence was well-known within the chamber.

Credit: CSPAN

In her shining moment, she joined her father as he stepped up to cast his vote to push Antongiorgi-Jordan's nomination forward. It has been confirmed that though two Ossoffs were present, only the Senator's vote counted. Video shows there was little confusion on who would be voting on the nomination, as Senate staff and other leaders continuously smiled and cooed at the infant. She remained tight-lipped during the democratic proceeding, as she initially had a pacifier in her mouth.

Eva Beth's presence on the floor was made possible by the 115th Congress and S.R. 463, which authorizes senators "under 1 year of age may bring the son or daughter onto the floor of the Senate during votes."

Ossoff and his wife Dr. Alisha Kramer welcomed Eva Beth last year on Dec. 17.

No word if the little one will be back on the floor before her first birthday.

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