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Girl reunited with stuffed animal, Dog Dog, after 'epic adventure' from Dallas Love Field

Southwest Airlines detailed the month-long journey for Dog Dog to reunite in the arms of Luna.
Credit: Southwest Airlines
Courtesy: Southwest Airlines

DALLAS — Real life Homeward Bound?

That's what seems to have happened for one cute, fluffy stuffed animal named Dog Dog, who was dearly-missed by a young girl named Luna. 

Southwest Airlines shared Dog Dog's incredible journey to be reunited with Luna, who realized on a return trip home from Dallas that the furry friend was left behind. Luna's mom, Jessica, got in touch with Southwest Airlines and let them know Dog Dog was left in the rental car they used. A Southwest Ops Agent, Christina, at Dallas Love Field drove over to the rental car company and found Dog Dog so that the beloved animal wouldn't be forever lost.

Christina held onto Dog Dog and took the stuffed animal on a number of adventures, keeping Dog Dog safe and sound until Luna and Jessica returned to Dallas nearly a month later to pick it up.

Christina captured Dog Dog's journey along the way with numerous photos, which were shared on social media Thursday.

Jessica and her daughter, Luna, were returning home from a trip to Dallas when they realized that they left something...

Posted by Southwest Airlines on Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dog Dog's adventure back to Luna garnered thousands of comments and shares.

"This is the cutest most loving thing this Southwest employee could do!" one commenter said. "God bless you."

"Christina is such a wonderful person. She deserves a raise for being so kind. Love the story," said another commenter.

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