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It's not just a chore: 11-year-old builds lawnmowing business

Tre'shawn Pittard's day begins at Riverside Elementary School in Ohio. But as soon as the bell rings, it's time for work.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Tre'shawn Pittard is a decisive 11-year-old with a plan to make his dreams a reality.

The young entrepreneur's day begins at Riverside Elementary School in north Toledo. But as soon as the bell rings, it's time for work.

Mowing his neighbors' yards turned into cutting grass for people he's never met. And from there Pittard had a business on his hands.

"I start with the front and then go slowly to the back," Pittard said of his lawnmowing process.

He's been cutting grass in his mom's yard and a few neighbors' yards for the last couple of years with his brother. His first day of work started when he did something every kid does: ask questions.

"I had started when I was in the house and I asked my mom's boyfriend, 'could I cut grass?'" Pittard said. "He said yes."

Then, the mower hit the grass and it was smooth sailing from there. Once he gets going, Pittard said lawnmowing is calming and lets him focus on nothing but his singular goal.

"I just have to get this yard perfect," he said.

Eventually, Pittard decided it was time to take his business to the big leagues and make some professional business cards at the nearby LaGrange Branch Library.

"We were thrilled," library spokesperson Kelsey Rader said. "We want people to know about our resources, we want them to come in and use them. We were so happy he was doing it in such a positive way too."

And he's been getting even more business cards to spread word of his services.

"When I first started, before I got posted on Facebook, I had 7," he said. "(Now it's) 12 or 11."

Like any good businessman, Pittard has the foresight to prepare for the future and expand his business further.

And what's just a couple of months away? Snow.

Pittard is using his established business connections and networking skills to look into snow removal equipment.

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