El Marie Kam loves to bowl, and she’s been doing it so long she decided to celebrate her 104th birthday bowling at Kenmore Lanes.

Kam was born on November 27, 1913 and moved to the Seattle area with her husband in the 1930's. She is a mother of four children, seven grand-children, and four great-grand children.

Kam says that the key to her longevity is being a happy person.

“Even in the Great Depression we were happy people. After all we were all in the same boat,” said Kam.

Elmarie Kam bowls.

She also practices Tai Chi and bowls daily.

“A weight bearing exercise is very good for people” said Kam about her bowling hobby.

Kam takes things “one day at a time.” When asked if she had any advice about living longer, she added “enjoy all your friends, and smile. That seems to make people happy.”