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Georgians will be burned out by the holiday season by tomorrow, according to study

Had enough yet?

ATLANTA — Christmas and the start of Kwanzaa are still about two weeks away, and there's still New Year's Eve after that - but according to one study, people in Georgia are already pretty much tapped out on the holiday season.

American Addiction Centers, a nationwide rehab treatment network, surveyed each state to find out when they would feel "burnt out" from holiday partying and need a break.

In Georgia, that day arrives tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 11.

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In a release, the organization defined that burnout point as: "They've simply had enough drinking and need to exercise sobriety - at least for a few days."

"While many people want to join in the fun on every occasion to avoid Festive FOMO, such as extended periods of social interaction, it’s easy to reach a plateau of burnout," a release said.

The study surveyed roughly 3,200 drinkers across all 50 states to determine the peak burnout day, measured by days into the holiday season following Thanksgiving. 

Georgia actually ranks fairly middle-of-the-pack: At the extreme ends, people in Montana and Vermont had had enough after just a week, while New Hampshire will enjoy a full 20 days of holiday party season before they reach burnout on Dec. 15.

"When people feel emotionally and physically exhausted, stressed, and sometimes, financially drained due to the holidays, it’s often easy to reach for a drink in an attempt to forget these issues exist. In fact, nearly a quarter (24%) believe alcohol actually helps when it comes to end-of-year burnout," a release said. "Unfortunately, engaging in this behavior one too many times can lead down a winding road of alcohol dependence."

American Addiction Centers recommends "mindfulness-based activities" like meditation, yoga or journaling as alternatives to get you through the holiday bustle.