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'I miss you all so much' | Neighbors hope to get father's lost Christmas letter and package to his children

The letter was addressed to Gael, Antonio and Miguel. It was found inside a box of boys' clothes on a Lawrenceville street corner.
Credit: Teresa Rockwell

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Written from a father to his children, it was a letter that immediately touched Teresa Rockwell's heart.

"How are you guys? I hope you doing well and you not giving your grandma too much trouble. I miss you guys very much and I can't wait to see you again," the letter shared by Rockwell reads. "I am sorry to writing you a letter about Christmas when we should have been together for the holidays. I hope one day we'll get the chance to fix that."

Rockwell lives near the corner of Lake Washington Dr. and Lake Washington Cir. in Lawrenceville where her husband and neighbor found the letter addressed to Gael, Antonio and Miguel. According to the letter, the children appear to live with their grandmother and aunt.

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"I think about you guys all day and every minute of the day, I miss you all so much. I often dream about our house and the good times we had there along with some of the bad ones too."

Found with the letter was a box of boys' clothes.

"We opened the box to see if we could identify the owners," she said. "Inside was a typed letter addressed to what appeared to be three young children, signed by 'Daddy.'"

Rockwell suspects the box fell from a vehicle turning the corner, adding they've already checked with UPS and FedEx but found no tracking info.

She even shared information regarding the letter and the box's content on Facebook and NextDoor with hopes of finding the family.

"I just feel so badly that these children won't receive these gifts from their parents," Rockwell told 11Alive. "And that the parents probably have no idea where the package was lost."

"With all that is going on in the world this year, the letter just touched my heart and I wanted to try to find the owner," she said.

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