Lindsay Lohan is leaving her party days behind her. It’s something that’s absolutely fantastic for her, but absolutely awkward if she’s your boss and catches you enjoying a few drinks with your coworkers in the swimming pool at her Mykonos luxury beach club.

Such was what was experienced by Juliann Wilson, a model and hostess at Temple Nightclub on Broadway. She was chosen to appear in “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,” which is airing on MTV starting Jan. 8.

The show – which one could characterize as Lohan’s version of the iconic reality program “Vanderpump Rules” – chronicles her and her business partner’s efforts to create a successful empire via a Greek island resort aptly named Lohan Beach Club.

Of course, no successful business is a solo venture, and that’s why Lohan looked for the best staff possible from around the country to serve as ambassadors. That’s how Wilson, who works in bottle service, was chosen for the gig.

“Learning that I got this opportunity, it was insane,” Wilson said in an introductory video posted to the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club section of MTV. “Coming to Greece I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to come to Greece?”

Wilson grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan – which is near Detroit. She said it was a very conservative, religious community, and that she moved to New York to pursue a modeling career before coming to Denver.

“I was in New York, living there,” Wilson said. “Did fashion week. I was ‘high fashion,’ more runway, more that dark, almost like heroin-chic look which, I’m just not that.”

She moved to Denver a year ago, and arrived in Mykonos to work as an ambassador at the beach club in August of last year, at least according to her Instagram.

The selection process was different than other jobs. Panos Spentzos, Lohan’s creative partner, said they’re looking for people who are outspoken and gorgeous … and also know how to sell things.

Spentzos said he liked Wilson and that she’s good at her job, albeit spacey at times.

“For me, to be chosen as an ambassador for Lindsay’s Beach Club, to be able to show my strength and skills is amazing,” Wilson said.

In a filmed Skype interview, Wilson’s mom tells her daughter “You’re going to do a good job. You’re a good person, you’re going to go far. I’m so proud of you.”

Of course, the self-admitted life of the party at least appears to have gotten into some trouble with Lohan in early clips.

In one, when Lohan asks Wilson if she’s pursuing modeling, she’s chided for cutting the “Mean Girls” star off – an interaction that leads Lohan to say “I will fire people.”

And then there’s another case, when Lohan decided to do a surprise pop-by of her ambassadors. 

“I want to keep people on their toes, because I know what it’s like to be left on your own devices and have people not be like ‘wait, what’s worth it?’” Lohan said.

It caught Wilson at an awkward time though: in a clip released by MTV, she’s in the pool drinking with her coworkers.

“I want to build an empire here,” Lohan said. “It’s not ‘Girls Gone Wild.’”

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