MACON, Ga. —
Tamekia Echols says she was at home on Thursday night when she got a call from her sister saying her teenage son, D'Angelo Ross, was shot in the face.

"When I got to the scene that's the fear that I knew I didn't want to see that it was him," Echols said.

An experience no mother should ever have to go through.

"I was angry, afraid, and question myself, why me?" Echols said.

Ross is the third of Echol's six children and her first son. She says he's the glue that keeps their family together

"His spirit is the joy to our family cause he can make us smile when we cry, laugh when we mad, he's there," Echols said.

After being shot in the face, Ross is in critical condition at the Medical Center Navicent Health. 

His mother says his progress is showing promise.

"He do gotta have surgery, but as long as he breathing and he's responding and he knows we are present, I know God ain't ready for him and the only thing we can do right now is continue to pray," Echols said.

She says her son has never been one to give up.

"Just know he's a fighter and he gonna continue to fight, and I'm going to be right here by his side," Echols said.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office hasn't named any suspects.

If you have any information, you can call the sheriff's office at 478-751-7500