This weekend, many Americans will celebrate the holiday with fun and fireworks, but for many pets and their owners, the booms and bangs of fireworks brings misery.

Dr. Jennifer Pittman, a critical care vet at Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists, said it's a problem she sees frequently this time of year.

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"The noises that are sort of loud to us are extremely loud to them," she said.

But, she had several recommendations for pet owners:

  • Number one, make sure your dog is tagged and has current ID in case they get spooked and run away.
  • When fireworks start going off, don't take them outside. Keep them home.
  • If they are crate trained, keep them in their crate with their favorite toy.
  • Exercise your pets earlier during the day. Allow them to get all that energy out before fireworks begin to help tire them out by night.

White noise is also a great choice over radio and television sounds, as it stays consistent. A box fan, or sound machine works well. If you don't have either of those, but have a computer or tablet, you can download a white noise app. There are many options to choose from, and many of them are free.