Officer Hunter Barnett with Gwinnett County Animal Control was called out to reports of a canine barking on 985 Hodges Way in Stone Mountain.

What may have seemed like just an annoying dog barking for hours and hours on end, turned into a rescue mission.

Officer Barnett arrived at the address after getting a complaint of a dog barking for hours in the woods nearby. He could hear barking but could not locate the dog.

He finally found a small creek inside the woods area and hear whimpering. When Officer Barnett got closer, he found a dog, submerged to his neck in mud and water.

At first, the dog growled at him, being naturally wary, like most animals. But after some gentle petting, the officer was able to move closer and dig the dog out.

Officer Barnett picked up and carried the dog, affectionately named Moses, and took him to animal control. According to Barnett, the dog was not buries in the mud on purpose but may have gotten stuck by accident.

Two Tailz Rescue was able to pick up the dog and has posted of Moses' progress and what he needs. According to the Facebook page, he is desperately in need of a foster family due to the terrible condition he was found in.

Moses, unfortunately, suffers from Demodex mange, an infection in both eyes and some stomach issues that have since subsided due to veterinary care.

Two Tailz Rescue is accepting donations but is desperately pleading for a foster parent for Moses.

For more information and updates about Moses, you can visit the rescue organization's Facebook page.