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Pet safety during Halloween | What experts say you should do

Pets can be unpredictable during the holiday season. Here's some tips from veterinary experts on how to keep furry friends safe.

GEORGIA, USA — Halloween is just around the corner. People are getting ready to break out the spooky decorations and start carving pumpkins. The holiday can also put pets in dangerous environments, which can cause stress for pet owners.

Pumpkin Veterinary expert Dr. Sarah Wooten said pets can be unpredictable during this time, which increases the number of pets that come into the vet during the holiday. 

"People just don't know what their pets are going to do. Pets eating candy and chewing on decorations, those are the ones that we tend to see the most of," Wooten said. 

She recommends pet owners watch out for these specific Halloween festivities: 

  • Candy, especially chocolate, raisins and xylitol, are all toxic to pets. Make sure to safely hide toxic candies away from pets.
  • Decorations can lead to problems for pets. They can easily knock over open flames and chew on toxic substances in certain decorations. Be sure to cover decorations and stop pets from chewing them.
  • Trick-or-treating can cause stress for dogs. Trick-or-treaters constantly ringing doorbells can frighten them. Giving pets a long-lasting chew could keep them busy to avoid loud sounds affecting them.
  • Pet Costumes are adorable, but they can cause harm to pets. They can make pets not be able to move properly, if they do not fit. Some dogs can also chew small parts of their costumes off if they are uncomfortable. This can cause a choking hazard. Always supervise pets while they are wearing them.
  • Keep pets indoors and ensure IDs and collars are up-to-date. Dogs can get lost when the door is constantly opening or when out trick-or-treating.

For more information and tips on keeping furry friends safe for this spooky season, click here.


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