WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- It's the most wonderful time of the year at Learning Express Toys in Woodstock.

But behind the scenes, owner Jeffrey Weiss is worried. Delayed shipments from UPS have left the small business owner concerned, especially given the holiday season.

"We're looking at the three busiest weeks ahead of us, and I know what I need coming in through this back door in order to meet the demand of the toys," Weiss said.

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MORE | UPS: High volume of Cyber Week shipping causing delays

He's no stranger to holiday crunch, but Weiss said this is his 15th holiday as the store owner and the slowest for shipments he remembers. Normally, delivery trucks are routine, Weiss said, but yesterday there was no delivery at all.

"This is the first time in I don't know how long we didn't have a truck pull up to our back door, and we're waiting on literally hundreds of boxes to arrive."

Those boxes keep the shelves stocked over the holidays, making or breaking the store's year, according to Weiss. He's worried customers will not be interested in waiting for shipments, especially given the difficulty in pegging a delivery window.

UPS confirmed shipping delays to 11Alive on Monday, citing isolated delayed deliveries because of increased volume of holiday packages and shipping due to Cyber Week.

On Wednesday, a UPS spokesperson said the carrier has added one or two days time in transit on some deliveries with the expectation delays should be resolved midweek. But Weiss has seen the packed trucks and drivers. He also sympathizes, despite his overall concern for his business.

"Their trucks are so loaded down without a whole lot of rhyme or reason," Weiss said. "It's taking them longer each stop." Weiss also told 11Alive he's reached out to UPS regarding shipments to no avail. He's also been in touch with his vendors who normally track shipping times.

"It's an unfortunate situation, but it's hard to sit idly by when you know it's the most important time of the year," Weiss said.

11Alive has inquired how many deliveries have been affected by the seasonal delays but was told by a spokesperson that the company has not given out that information. In addition, UPS released the following statement on Wednesday:

As a result of unprecedented shipping volumes in certain markets during cyber week, UPS has added one- or two-days time-in-transit on some deliveries. We have shifted more employees and other resources to these markets to address this cyber week surge and expect to have the issue resolved by midweek, this week.

The vast majority of the 750 million packages UPS ships during this holiday season will be delivered in accordance with the service commitments for the specified time-in-transit. UPS customers can be confident that UPS is taking the necessary steps to ensure the network operates with its customary dependable performance throughout the holiday season.

Through a combination of new capacity and seasonal hiring, UPS expects to process nearly double the normal average daily volume of more than 19 million packages and documents. This year’s forecasted volume is about 5 percent more than 2016’s holiday volume of more than 712 million packages. That’s about 40 million more packages than last year.