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This could be one of the most confusing deal requests I've ever received. Fish oil has been classified as both the best vitamin on the market for heart attack prevention but also one of the worst for not providing ANY type of health benefit.

Just over a year ago when I learned I was going to become a dad, I wanted to make changes to my lifestyle and become more healthy. I reached out to Leslie Beck, an internationally-renowned nutritionist and journalist who has appeared on TV across the country country as well. At the time, she told me fish oil was definitely something to consider but that it came with a catch.

I quickly learned that the fish oil sold at a discount online and from many supermarkets or drug store chains is not particularly effective at preventing anything since it's not cold-pressed.

Cold-pressed fish oil that is molecularly distilled changes the entire composition of the vitamin. Oil that is cold-pressed retains the benefits of the Omega 3, unlike regular fish oil that has the benefits destroyed in the heating process. 

After my research project and several months worth of sampling fish oil to accompany my daily vitamin regimen, I also learned the cost of proper cold pressed fish oil is a fortune. With a prescription you could easily spend hundreds of dollars per year.

In the last few weeks, prices have dropped on cold-pressed fish oil due to a processing patent expiring that had an unfair grasp on the vitamin market. With prices dropping, the brand I now use is at a really solid price.

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