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Georgia tax refund questions answered

Georgia experienced a revenue surplus, allowing an income tax refund. Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill on Wednesday.

ATLANTA — A bill signed Wednesday by Gov. Brian Kemp will send direct payments to Georgia taxpayers in the coming weeks. 

Here's information on who qualifies for HB 1302, where they will send the payments and what that means for the 2023 tax season, from the Georgia Department of Revenue's website. 

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How much could I get?

This completely depends on filing status:

  • Single, Married Filing Separate - $250.00
  • Head of Household - $375.00
  • Married Filing Joint - $500.00

Who is all eligible? 

All Georgia taxpayers who filed taxes for both 2020 and 2021 on time or within the extension period given by the IRS. 

People who were claimed as dependent in 2020 but filed individually in 2021 are not eligible, and vice versa. 

If you were a part-year resident or a taxable nonresident, your payment would be prorated.

I already filed for 2021. Where's my refund? 

The IRS will update your account and will send the refund by direct deposit to the bank you provided for your original tax refund or by check if that information was not provided. 

Is the refund for each year - 2020 and 2021?

The refund is for both years; people who meet the requirements could see between $250 and $500.

When will they be mailed out?

H.B. 1302 was signed on Wednesday by Gov. Brian Kemp, putting the refunds in motion. According to the Georgia Department of Revenue's website, they are expected to show up in the next few weeks if you've filed for 2020 and 2021.

Will I get a refund if I receive social security or VA benefits?

11Alive financial expert Andrew Poulos said no. 

"Someone who files a tax return and has zero tax liability and will not receive the money because it cannot exceed your income tax liability. Therefore, retirees and people on disability who may not file or may file and just not have any liability would not receive this refund," Poulos said. 

Will I have to pay taxes on the refund in 2023?

No, the state income tax refund is not taxable. Poulos said you won't have to pay taxes on the state or federal level in 2023. 

If I owe taxes, will the money be applied to my balance?

Yes, the refund will go to pay any owed state income taxes. 

"There's a provision in the bill that makes it where they can offset for collections, which means if you owe state taxes, they will apply it towards your balance due to the Georgia Department of Revenue, to the state of Georgia," Poulos said.

Will I get a refund if I owe child support payments?

Yes. Any refund due would be subject to debt collection, including back child support payments.

Are people that filed as single in 2020 and filed as married in 2021 eligible for the refund?

You're eligible for the refund based on your 2021 tax filing. 

"If you were single in 2020, you got married in 2021, and you're filing a joint return, then you're going to qualify for $500 in totality as a married couple," Poulos said. 

Have more questions about H.B. 1302, text us at 404-885-7600. 

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