ATLANTA -- You've heard about the nationwide battle to win Amazon's new $5 billion, 50,000 job headquarters. Now here's what you haven't heard.

A nationwide investigation, including our partners at the Atlanta Business Chronicle, dug into Amazon's secretive plans to build a tech workforce right here - and now.

They're housed in two locations: 25,000 square feet on 17th Street and 50,000 square feet at Terminus 200.

Amazon transportation services, code-named "Project Box" was described by a source as "high priority," saying Amazon is "ruthless about costs." Streamlining delivery would save the company - and customers - millions.

Amazon Web Services, offering IT services and cloud storage, has been quietly operating in Atlanta since 2015. Revenues spiked 42 percent in 2017 on the back of the city's server farms. And, operating under the radar, is developing visual search technology which will mean no need to Google anything - just take a photo of it.

11Alive spoke with Atlanta Business Chronicle reporter Urvaksh Karkaria about what chances Atlanta has to close the deal on Amazon's second headquarters - and why it should matter to Georgians.