ATLANTA — The Purdue cousins – Sonny and David – made a stop in Georgia where they assured there will be long-term benefits to President Trump's tariff war with China.

But in the meantime, two Georgia counties that rely on poultry processing are bracing for impact.

11Alive first reported about the economic impact on Chinese tariffs on imported poultry earlier this week.

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Both Dooly and Evans Counties were declared two of the most vulnerable counties in the country, according to a study by the Brookings Institute.

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On Friday, the Secretary of Agriculture, and former Georgia governor, Sonny Perdue toured the University of Georgia's Griffin campus with his cousin, Republican Sen. David Perdue, where they both reiterated that they support the president's plan.

"It's gonna take some short-term pain and discomfort for our agriculture producers with the prices. But we believe the long-term benefits will be better," David Perdue said. "What the President is trying to do is equal access. If someone can get access into our country, we should get entry in their country."

The Purdues went on to say they believe the U.S. will eventually sign a more fair trade deal with China.

Meanwhile, the President has threatened more tariffs on China, and that country is threatening to retaliate again.