ATLANTA -- A Georgia state senator is demanding the Fulton County Assessor’s Board move its crucial meeting next week.

It’s currently scheduled for mid-day in a small room, but thousands across the county are furious about their sky-high 2017 property assessments.

R.J. Morris, an assessor’s board member, agrees with State Senator John Albers. He warns the board may be breaking state law if it doesn’t move the meeting to a later time and a bigger place to accommodate all.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Fulton County Tax Revolt

It’s a meeting where the board will take a vote on whether to throw out the controversial assessments. Morris was in Alpharetta on Thursday night when people lined up around a county building waiting to have their voices heard for just a few moments.

“We’ve got over 300,000 homeowners, 300,000! And we’ve got a room built for 40 people,” said R.J. Morris, Fulton County Assessor’s Board Member.

Morris is worried the board may not have enough space for the crowd from Thursday night much less the thousands that could attend Thursday’s meeting ahead of a vote on this year’s massive property tax spike.

“You have to make sure that the public has access to your meeting and if they’re standing out in the hallway they don’t have access to the meeting,” said Morris.

A strong percentage of the 300,000 property owners countywide are livid. Their 2017 appraisals are way up, in some cases, 100 percent.

The assessor’s board will consider throwing out those increases at its meeting Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in a small room. State Senator John Albers sent an email to the board, calling on it to move the meeting. Morris thinks it should be at night, in the Fulton County Assembly Hall.

“These are not normal times; these are extraordinary times.”

Morris said he reached out to his fellow board members with this idea before Albers sent that email. He still hasn’t heard back.