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10,000 Atlanta residents are waiting for dating

The League brings a new but somewhat controversial look at how dating apps operate.

Photo: TheLeague.com

There is Tinder, Soul Swipe, Bumble, and Match to name a few, but did you know that there is a new dating app in Atlanta …with a real waiting list? With promises of meeting someone who shares your education level and ambition, The League brings a new, but somewhat controversial, look at how dating apps operate.

The League is described as a “members only club with a killer dating scene” by spokesperson Meredith Davis. Since its launch in 2015, the app has continued to grow in popularity with single, career-driven millennials. The admiration partially stems from the apps decision to require users to use their LinkedIn profiles to register while most dating apps only require Facebook.

The League currently has over 2 Million people on its global waiting list. Ten thousand of them live in the Atlanta area. Davis goes on to say the app “will always stay a curated community”.

The exclusivity of the app has led many to criticize the process of how the app chooses its members. They accuse the app of being pretentious. Davis says The League “isn’t just for wealthy individuals”.

The League chooses its members based on education and occupation. According to Davis “different professions wait longer” meaning if there are a lot of users with the same profession someone with a different profession will be chosen first. “We try to make sure that we have a lot of diversity in our industries in order to keep our community diverse and curated”

The League is continuing to make its mark in the crowded dating app industry regardless of the criticism against it. The app is now available in 18 cities and plans on expanding, even more, this fall to areas that have yet to be announced.

The podcast, A Belle of a Lyfe spoke to a representative from the app. More of that interview can be found below.

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