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12-year-old makes wheelchair for disabled dog out of LEGOs

When Gracie was born without front legs, she was dumped at a shelter. Now a young boy is helping her get around with the help of his LEGO set!

A little dog born without legs a lot of personality is getting some help from a local 12-year-old.

When he saw the puppy had trouble getting around, he didn't wait for someone else to do it. He came up with a solution himself! 

Gracie doesn't walk... she hops. Gracie is 10 weeks old. She was dumped at a shelter after she was born without front legs.

Tammy Turley adopted her on the spot.

"She doesn't let it get her down. She doesn't know she's supposed to have 4 legs. She figures it out," said Turley. 

Credit: Kaitlyn Ross
A 12-year-old boy helped create a LEGO wheelchair for disabled pup Gracie.

Tammy runs Mostly Mutts rescue and has another disabled dog named Jagk, whose back legs don't work.

"I love special needs dogs. That's where my heart is," Tammy said. 

Tammy wanted to help Gracie get around better, so she asked 12-year-old Dylan Shervin to design a wheelchair out of LEGOS.

"With the wheels, I put one of these pieces on," explained Dylan.

It took Dylan about a week to design the wheelchair for Gracie. His mom helped him problem solve the tough parts.

"The Velcro goes over to help stabilize her. And then she'll start running," he said.

His mom, Emily says it's been an incredible learning experience for her son and everyone who meets Gracie!

"Don't be scared of dogs at shelters, don't be scared of special needs dogs or senior dogs, they all have so much love to give," she said.

Now that they got this to work, they want LEGO to sell a premade kit so other kids can help animals with disabilities get around.

Dylan thinks it could help teach kids to have compassion.

"The special dog brings you through more experiences and life journeys," Dylan said. 

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