11Alive's story about how the childhood kissing disease mono can lead to debilitating illness as an adult has been seen around the country. Our Facebook Live Wednesday reached a half million people.

For people with mysterious or unexplained illness, the news that mono could be the root of their suffering is important news. We wanted to share the three questions we have received most from around the country.

1. I think I have it but how do I find out?

The simple answer is get a blood test to see if you have it. The test will show if you’ve been infected with the Epstein barr virus, which causes mono, and it will show if it is active in your body.

2. Where can I find a doctor to treat me for this?

This unfortunately is a very difficult question to answer. They are out there, but many well meaning accomplished medical professionals do not know much about this. Kelly Morgan Deushane, the woman featured in our story, found a practitioner willing to test her and walk her through the process. Together, they consulted with Dr Henry H Balfour Junior with the University of Minnesota, a foremost world expert on mono who is developing a vaccine that could be used in human trial as early as next year. He suggested a course of anti virals that have improved kelly’s health immensely.

3. What anti virals is Dr. Balfour talking about and what did Kelly take?

She took Valtrex, a drug commonly used to treat other viral infections such as shingles and herpes. The dosage is critically important because Dr. Balfour says the wrong amount could make the virus even worse. Anti virals do not work for everyone, but they are at least an option for people, many of whom have suffered as Kelly has, for decades.

We will keep the conversation going on recurrent mono. As we unearth resources and information, we will share it with you. You have made clear what Doctor Balfour has said before: millions are likely affected by this.

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