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911 CALLS: 'There's a tiger in the front yard'

"Henry County 911, what’s the location of your emergency?"
"There’s a tiger in the front yard."

HENRY COUNTY, Ga -- It's not your typical 911 emergency.

The first reports of a tiger on the loose on I-75 came into Henry Co. police around 6 a.m. Wednesday.

"I am sitting here at Jodeco Rd. coming off of the interstate, a caller tells 911 dispatchers. "There is a tiger walking down the exit, the ramp onto the interstate."

Several drivers detailed the tiger walking down the northbound ramp on I-75 off of Jodeco Rd.

"There is literally a tiger, walking down the ramp," another male caller said.

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For another Henry Co. resident, the big cat was much closer.

"Henry County 911, what’s the location of your emergency?"

"There’s a tiger in the front yard."

"There’s a what ma'am?"

"A tiger."

"You said there’s a tiger in the front yard?"

"A full-sized tiger. I don’t know if it’s a tiger or a lion, but It’s a full-sized creature. And me and my brother both just saw it."

Police later shot and killed the tiger after a resident said it went to attack her dog.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources said that an official with Feld Entertainment, a company contracted to transport the tiger, saw news reports of the morning incident and contacted officials.

Feld Entertainment is a live show production company which owns a number of traveling shows, including the now-closed Ringling Bros and Barnum&Bailey Circus.

The company said the tiger's name was Suzy, and the 6-year-old animal was being transported from Sarasota, Florida to Tennessee where she was to be flown to Germany for a European circus.

They issued a statement to say: "We are continuing to work with the proper authorities while this case is being investigated. This is a sad day.”

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