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A local woman is on a mission to deliver a vacation to those in her care

A social media campaign is underway to solicit postcards for the adults at Winder Adult Day Health center.

WINDER, Ga. -- Summer is officially in full swing but for some, a vacation away may not be in the cards. For adults at Winder Adult Day Health Center, health issues make travel tricky. So, one caregiver turned to social media to deliver vacation to the center's doorstep.

"We're waiting on the mailman every day," Terry Webb, who visits the center daily, said. "It makes me think of being a kid again."

Gayle Oliver, director of activities at the center, part of Athens Community Council on Aging, hoped that'd be the reaction from those in her care.

"There's a wide variety of needs here...from late stages in Alzheimer's to disabilities," Oliver said. The center providing a place for adults to go during the day where they can interact plus be medically monitored. When Oliver asked clients what they wanted on the next calendar of events, one woman asked for a vacation.

"She wanted to tour all these places I knew we couldn't," Oliver said. "I said let me think on it."

Opening her own mail later that day, Oliver discovered a postcard from family, which turned into an idea.

"We could have the vacation come to us," Oliver said, turning to Facebook with a simple request for postcards from those traveling this summer.

"We thought we might get fifteen or twenty," she told 11Alive. "I never expected it to be overwhelming like this. They're going to get to see pictures from places they've never seen...to learn about other things. "

The cards arriving at the center daily from locations across the country. Many triggering memories for the center's clients, as well as conversation and opportunities to learn and interact.

"It's been amazing," Jessica Bankston, health coordinator for the center, said. "The clients have been so overwhelmed with the love people have shown to them. That's all that we could ask for that they feel good coming here and when they leave."

"I look up [on the wall] and summer just started," Webb said. "You can only imagine how many cards there will be over there by the end of summer."

The center's staff hopes to fill the wall with cards throughout the summer. Their next project? writing thank you's to those who've taken time from their trips to drop a message in the mail.

Postcards can be sent to: Winder Adult Day Health; 63 Lee Street, Winder GA 30680.

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