David Banner weighed in on the recent controversy circling around the NFL and the players 'taking a knee' during the national anthem.

After recent comments made by the president, other players followed Colin Kaepernick's example and kneeled on the field as the national anthem was being played before games.

"I believe, in protesting, you are supposed to make people uncomfortable," Banner said.

Banner marked his approval for the protests and believes Kaepernick risked his career to make a statement and bring attention to the oppression of black people in America.

However, is Kaepernicks' original message being lost in translation?

"I think that his message is being diluted by distractions such as, it's disrespectful to our troops, when in actuality someone in the armed forces was the one who told Kaepernick to 'take a knee' instead of sitting."

Banner has been known for his activist work starting back in 2006 during Hurricane Katrina. He believes that Kaepernick's original message is simply to "consider what black people have historically always gone through in America."