Astronauts from most of the Apollo missions that put the first humans on the moon got together for a reunion in Wisconsin.

They gathered at the EAA Air Venture Show in Wisconsin Friday night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo space program.

This is the first time in 25 years that this many astronauts have been under the same roof.

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"I would like to know how many people in the audience would like to spend 14 days in a volume the size of a front seat of a Volkswagen Beetle with a sailor," asked Frank Borman.

"I suspect that the space program will eventually go back to the Moon,” said Jim Lovell. “I think in my mind to go to Mars we should get very comfortable making lunar voyages, building up the infrastructure and the architecture to be comfortable landing on the moon, exploring the moon, then using that architecture to expand to eventually to going to Mars."