An argument over the price of weave at a local beauty shop resulted in the customer attacking an employee.

It happened at the Venus Beauty Supply on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. on the night of Wednesday, December 27th.

According to police, 43-year-old Mellissa Roper went into the hair shop with her adult daughter. They began arguing with the employee about the price of a hair piece.

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According to Duluth Police, the daughter threw the hair at the owner, Hyun Joo Yu. Yu then threw the hair back at the mother and daughter.

Roper allegedly attacked the employee, punching her multiple times in the face before her daughter pulled her out of the store and they took off, according to what the employee told police.

The police report states, "Ms .Yu, the customer and her daughter got in each others faces and exchanged words. The customer and her daughter began to walk towards the front exit doors and Ms Yu pursued. As both parties neared the front door, the customer punched Ms Yu several times. The customers daughter grabbed her mom and dragged her out of the store and into the parking lot."

Roper's daughter dropped her cell phone during the struggle which helped police track them down in Columbia South Carolina where Roper lives. She was arrested and is being charged with battery.

Police observed bruises and a cut on Yu's face.