ATLANTA - An Atlanta church serves the backdrop for an important scene in the new movie "Captain America: Civil War," which opens Friday.

Producers picked Peachtree Christian Church for a funeral scene that's supposed to take place in England.

"It's pretty amazing," co-director Anthony Russo told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "On the screen, it looks beautiful."

"Captain America: Civil War" was shot primarily in and around Atlanta. The church scene doesn't start the film but it was the first scene shot when production began last year.

"You can’t get a more authentic church here in the U.S.," said Executive Minister Dan Johnson. "The stained glass collection is said to be the largest collection of English stained glass in the world, outside of Great Britain."

Peachtree Christian has been used in several other movies, and it's one of Atlanta's most popular wedding venues, hosting almost 9,000 weddings.

The church was established in 1925, and the sanctuary was completed in 1928. It was dedicated as a "Cathedral for the City of Atlanta" and a "House of Prayer for All People."

The architecture is Classical English Gothic and is based on the 12th century Melrose Abbey in Scotland.