The money is good, but it's not the motivation for Benno Rothschild, an Atlanta attorney who collects comic art.

"I enjoy the sequential nature of it," said Rothschild, a partner with Hartman Simons. "It's art that tells a story, which I think is pretty fun."

Rothschild has so much comic art that he can't find room for it all on his walls of his home.

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He stores the rest in books full of familiar faces, like Archie, Dagwood and Spider-Man.

"You see the name of the comic it came from," Rothschild explained as he showed 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie one of his Spider-Man pages.

Each piece represents a page in a comic book. Most are drawn, inked and colored by hand.

Rothschild began collecting comic art at the age of 16, when he asked his dad for a piece as a birthday gift.

"My dad was actually shocked by the price," he explained. "It was $150. I said, 'Dad, I'm not asking for a car!' I just wanted a piece of art."

His collection has grown and become a real investment. It's now worth more than $500,000.

"When I started buying, it was purely a hobby," Rothschild said. "Over time, it's amazing how the values have risen."

His most valuable piece is a Batman page that he bought in 1987 for $800.

"Recently, a similar page sold at auction for $450,000. It was pretty shocking to me. That's a lot of inflation," he said.

Rothschild said he appreciates the art and the artists more than the money.