ATLANTA -- Skip the lines and forget waiting to be noticed by a bartender, that's just some of what a robotic bartender created right here in Atlanta aims to help you do.

"Outside of beer we can pour any alcoholic beverage," said Barry Givens, CEO Monsieur. "In about fifteen seconds after you choose your beverage, you have a professionally mixed cocktail."

Monsieur is a personal bartender designed to give you an experience like no other whether you are at a sporting event, entertainment venue, your favorite restaurant or checking into a hotel.

"All of the servers and the waiters and waitresses now become professional bartenders because all they have to do is press a button on a screen to provide the cocktails so it's really allowing faster service," explained Givens.

The automated machine also gives business owners a clear picture of what is in demand with customers, and allows them to better predict the inventory needed to get the job done.

Monsieur is already serving up drinks at Philips Arena where the company has several machines set up for games, concerts and other events.

With different types of machines, companies can choose to use the machine for employees serving customers or use a manned system to allow customers to interact directly with a machine on their own.

It also works with a phone app that allows users to locate any machines that may be near you and place orders in advance.

"Right now we're putting a big focus on filling up the Atlanta area, because this is our home, this is where we were founded," said Givens.

The speedy transactions offered by Monsieur are also available across the country at some movie theaters, celebrity events and other professional sports venues like the arenas and stadiums that are home to the Indiana Pacers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles.

Givens, a Georgia Tech grad says the idea came during his time in college while waiting a long time for an order to arrive at an establishment. He did not start working on the idea right away, but once he did, it took about six months to develop the prototype.

Businesses can create their own recipes and can stock the machine with the beverages they choose, except for beer.

Now before you dismiss a cocktail from a machine, the Monsieur team invites you to give them a try.

"Most people are really surprised because it's a machine making it versus a human, and so they don't really have the same expectation that they would of a bartender and when they actually make and pour the drink, and the drink actually tastes good, then that's probably the most refreshing to me as a business owner," said Givens.

If you would like to have a unit inside your home, Monsieur says it could be possible down the road, but right they are focusing on the entertainment and hospitality industries, especially here in Atlanta where they were founded.

A machine could cost your businesses at least $8,000.

You can find out more about Monsieur on their website.