ATLANTA — Making a difference. That’s what a local juvenile court hopes to do with a million dollar grant that will provide resources for the youth.

The DeKalb County Juvenile Court announced the $1.1 million grant is for training and paid internships for teens and young adults between the ages of 16-24.

The non-profit organization Making The Transition says help is always needed in the communities. Keith Strickland, founder, says resources can transform a child’s life. He says the more help that’s out there, the better.

“We make sure everybody has a vision. We make sure everybody has set goals,” he said.

The DeKalb County Juvenile Court has hopes of tapping into programs similar to what Strickland is doing in metro Atlanta.

Dwight Davis and Tyree Mathis are both teenagers in the program and tell 11Alive’s Neima Abdulahi that the program has changed their life.

“Without mentoring, we would not be here,” Davis said.

“If you really stick through with it, you can change your life around. If you want to,” Mathis adds.

The court will partner with the solicitor-general’s office, WorkSource Dekalb and other community organizations to provide the resources.