Brantley Dobbs touched our hearts with his courage and Christmas spirit. The little boy battling a brain tumor resonated with millions worldwide as his story was shared across social media.

Hospice Atlanta helped Brantley's family fulfill the 6-year-old's wish for Christmas ornaments, fielding thousands of packages destined for the Dobbs.

"We'd get 30 packages a day, and now we get hundreds," Dabney Hollis with Atlanta Hospice said. On a normal day, the care center dedicates a full room to boxes arriving for Brantley from across the world, ranging from Virginia to China.

In fact, Hospice Atlanta has tracked packages from nearly 700 locations across the globe.

"Opening every present and seeing the love that comes from those gifts is just been overwhelming," Hollis said. "It's brought joy for people to know...we're doing this for Brantley."

Tucked inside are ornaments of Santa's or superheroes, some even customized for Brantley. While the bulk of ornaments will now be passed along to kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the personalized ones are being kept for Brantley's family along with the thousands of letters that have been sent.

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In his too short life, Brantley left his mark on millions, showing how the world can step up when called. That's what the Hospice Atlanta family will remember.

"Little Brantley, despite his illness, despite his infirmity, despite the pain...he showed the world what grace was," David Martin, board chair of Hospice Atlanta, said.

"The love in this country and around the world is magical, and we all need to remember that," Hollis said.

Given the enormous outpouring of ornaments, the Dobbs' family asks for donations to be made to the pediatric unit at Hospice Atlanta for those wishing to honor Brantley.

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