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Brian Kemp issues three executive orders on first day as governor

One executive order will make sexual harassment training mandatory for all state employees at the executive level.

ATLANTA — Georgia governor Brian Kemp is already getting to work and signed three executive orders during his first day in office.

One order works to prevent sexual harassment in the executive branch of government. Under Kemp’s executive order, all employees in the executive branch will be trained on how to avoid and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The state will also create a uniform system to report and investigate claims of sexual harassment in all executive branch agencies. It also prohibits any sort of retaliation against those who report bad behavior.

Kemp also signed an executive order establishing a code of ethics for executive branch officers and employees. Under the order, state employees cannot make any financial gain or benefit from work outside their government salaries. It outlines conflicts of interest, bans nepotism and requires expenditure reports for government employees to be submitted to an ethics officer within 30 days.

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The third executive order establishes the Georgia First Commission – part of Kemp’s campaign promise to bolster small and rural business. The commission will identify regulations, policies and procedures to better support Georgia small businesses.

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The Georgia First Commission will be made up of 18 members appointed by Gov. Kemp. The group will provide recommendations for streamlining regulatory systems. The group is expected to report its findings to Kemp by June 30, 2020.