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Casting Call: Switch your family and make thousands on ‘Wife Swap’

Producers want your family to star in a revamped TV classic!

ATLANTA — A modern-day twist to "Southern Hospitality" now wants your family to star in a revamped TV classic!

There’s a new paradigm on the Georgian “Wisteria Lane” and it’s offering a reward of $10,000.

If a decade ago, we announced that you would have the opportunity to receive $10,000 to showcase your family disrupting the norm and crushing societal stereotypes, you probably would have laughed at us.

But, fast forward to 2019 - "The Age Of Information" - and in a simple twist of TV kismet, we shall now witness an array of "new-age" family traditions become a household reality; pun totally IN-tended. And one of those families could be yours!

Nominated by Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Family Show”, the nuance rendition of your favorite family classic, “Wife Swap”, is now looking for Georgian families to star in this exciting new season!

Each episode of "Wife Swap" features two families who will receive the opportunity to not only share their values with another family, but also learn pertinent ideals from an alternate dynamic. Upon returning to their original family unit, participants often notice that their usual structure has a renewed sense of pizzazz, due to a classic case of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

The show thrives when featured personas are extremely gregarious, fearless, committed to a cause and eager to share their opinions with others.

The network is particularly seeking families that possess a unique passion, fascination or practice that participants and viewers alike can use to truly identify the archetype of said family.

And just when you thought that the dollar signs were already abundant, if you refer a family that is cast and appears on the show, you will receive a $1,000 finder’s fee as a token of appreciation!

Here are the requirements for the application:

General casting specs:

  • Families must live in the state of Georgia
  • Compensation is $10,000 per family
  • Filming is for 5 consecutive days in July - October 2019 (subjective to change)
  • If you refer a family that is cast and appears on the show, you will receive a $1,000 finder's fee

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please email nakita.harris123@gmail.com or text/call 661.341.6726.


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