DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. – One man running for Office of Solicitor General is accusing his opponent of a crime that the position would potentially prosecute.

Surveillance video showed Solicitor General candidate Rudy Harris walk up to a door at 6:16 p.m. and ring the doorbell. When the homeowner didn’t answer, the video shows Harris attach a door hanger and turn to leave.

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Almost exactly an hour later at 7:18 p.m., his opponent Christina Peterson went up to the same house, attached her own door hanger, and is seen on camera making a yanking motion before running back down the sidewalk.

Harris told 11Alive the video clearly showed Peterson stealing his door hanger and replacing it with hers.

“It’s definitely not a good look to have potential he the next Solicitor General on camera committing a theft,” Harris said.

When you look at the footage, the doorknob is just out of view.

When 11Alive spoke with Peterson about the video, she said everything Harris is claiming is untrue.

“There was never a door hanger on any of the doors that I went to,” Peterson said.

She said she never took any of Harris’ hangers off doors. When asked why it looked like she was yanking at the door, Peterson said she wanted it to be secure.

“On every door that I go to and I make sure that it secured properly on the door so it can’t be lost and I pulled to make sure only one hanger is on a door,” Peterson said.

As for why she’s running, Peterson said that’s to save time.

Candidates try to reach as many houses as possible when they drop off information. So, Peterson said she runs to and from every home.

The Office of Solicitor General has prosecuted cases of stolen campaign materials before but Harris said he has not filed a police report and doesn’t plan to.

“You have potentially the top misdemeanor prosecutor out there committing criminal offenses on camera,” Harris said.