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1. A silent killer

Key Fobs have made life easier for people who don't want to root around for their keys. 

But, they could also be leading to more carbon monoxide-related deaths. 

Now, the family of a man who died because he left his car running is asking manufacturers for an automatic shut-off option in every car. 

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2. $75 Chevy pick-up

He needed a truck to get to and from work every day, so he bought a rusty, 1957 Chevy for 75 dollars. 

It's the type of car that is held together with duct tape and will power - you wouldn't expect it to run for more than a week. But, almost 40 years later, Bob Sportel drove the same pick up to his last day of work before retiring. 

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3. The best no-call reactions

People are not happy that refs didn't call a pass interference on Rams' cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman during the NFC Championship game, Sunday.

Here are some of our favorite reactions: