ATLANTA — More than 300 immigrants, refugees, activists and supporters are expected at a rally today in Atlanta, in a show of support for the immigrant community.

The Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies is hosting its seventh annual New Americans Celebration starting at 11 a.m.

"This high-profile day of advocacy attracts more than 300 new Americans and community supporters to the Gold Dome to engage with lawmakers and show just how much Georgia loves refugees and immigrants," the group said in a release.

The group says it gathers political activists of all stripes and draws on leaders from the business, faith, academic, nonprofit and other communities "to recognize the contributions that new Americans make to our state."

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The coalition will host a press conference where it says it will release data on Georgia's refugee settlement program and hear from a panel of refugee speakers, as well.

According to the organization, Georgia resettled 1,300 refugees in 2019 and 92 percent of refugee families were working and paying their own bills within six months of arrival.


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